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How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics: and of others medically unfit, a book for every voter to read by Jacques Chaoulli

How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics—And of Others Medically Unfit

At a time a survey showed 92 million American voters want Trump to be banned from running again office, Boris Johnson’s pathological behaviors led to a mess with Brexit, Brazilians and Indians calling for the removal of their leader Jair Bolsonaro and Narendra Modi for their mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis, it is time to rid the psychopaths from politics. Since decades, former President Jimmy Carter, among others, called for it. Other books describe the problem but don’t offer a plan for how to get it done. This book proposes a common-sense and detailed solution to ban and remove political leaders who are sick and unfit for office.

George Carver, the CIA’s top Vietnam specialist in 1969, recalled that President Richard Nixon became incensed and ordered a tactical nuclear strike. National Security Advisor Kissinger got on the phone with the Joint Chiefs and they agreed not to do anything until Nixon sobered up in the morning. This is one frightening example of why we don’t want psychopaths (those suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior) in political office, especially the Oval Office.

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