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The Failure of the United-Nations in Front of Wars and Islamic Terrorism: Propositions for a Solution 

In this book, Dr. Chaoulli sets forth the claim that veto power is the main cause of the rise in islamic terrorism worldwide.

Several events led me to analyze, back in 2003, from where movements of Islamic terrorism came, what had been the historical and recent roles of the Big Five superpowers holding a veto power at the UN Security Council (USA, UK, France, Russia and China), the roles of their allies, and what should be done about it. Among those many events were the 9/11 bombing in 2001 on the World Trade Center in New York, and elsewhere, by Islamic terrorists, followed by the invasion of Iraq ordered in 2003 by then President George W. Bush on false accusations of Iraq hiding weapons of mass destruction on its soil, with subsequent dramatic events around the world. A disturbed head of the Unites-States, George W. Bush, holding a veto power, decided to illegally invade Iraq, giving way to Islamists to establish themselves in such a devastated country, and that was with the impunity given by said veto power from any potential condemnation and counter measures against the United-States. 

In this book, I remind that, at the end of the Second World War in 1944, four winning countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the Republic of China (still capitalist at that time), made an agreement to share the control over the entire world, and they later included France into their club, via the veto power. It was only in 1971 when US President Nixon took away the veto power from the capitalist Republic of China, with its headquarters in Formose (now called Taiwan), and handed it to the communist regime of Mao, with no opposition from the other superpowers.

The veto power had been conferred to the Big Five in 1945. Moreover, any withdrawal of the veto power is unthinkable since each of the Big Five has the power to use its veto power to precisely prevent a removal of the veto power. That frightening situation is a far cry from what happened in the Ancient Rome, in 43 BCE,  following the assassination of Julius Caesar, when the Second Triumvirate of Mark Antony, Lepidus and Octavian had assumed the absolute power over the entire Roman Empire, but only for a limited period of time of five years. To the contrary, the absolute power of the Big Five has not been granted only over one part of the Earth but over the entire world, and that has been, not only for a limited period of five years, but forever. There is still a remedy, which is the subject of my book.

From 1945 up to the Iraq war of 2003 an beyond, the veto power has been, in reality, an immunity conferred on the Big Five and their allies, to start or support illegal military strikes. As a result, among other tragedies, human casualties and numerous outbreaks of terrorism have resulted worldwide.

In order to be useful, highlighting the corruption within the Big Five has to go along with a proposition to fight against it. A majority of other governments have already requested an amendment to the UN Charter aimed at eliminating the veto power. The governments of the Big Five have always opposed such a move, precisely thanks to their veto power, to the detriment of the people, including the people of Western countries. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the people of various countries around the world, subject to the domination of the governments of the United States, China, Russia and of industrial lobbies, had been looking for a counter-power, to no avail. They lost faith in democracy, including in Western countries, and yet, a counter-power and a real democracy are within their reach. For that to happen, the people have to first understand the reality of their current political systems, and then they will have to modify them in order to achieve their goals.

In this book, written in 2003 in French and unpublished up to now, I suggest a way to get rid of the veto power at the UN, and I provide an initial analysis of necessary changes in our political systems in order to get it done. I submitted this book to several  traditional French publishers, to no avail. Still, a prominent and renowned French historian and member of the prestigious French Academy, Pierre Nora, collaborating with one of said French traditional publishers called Gallimard, kindly sent me a letter praising my book which he read with interest. He qualified it as being useful to be published, and yet he advised me to get it published with a publisher that specialized in political science and international relations. My aim was, and still is, not to reach out only to the elites, but also to the public. At that time, the industry of self-publishing was not developed as it is nowadays, so I didn’t go further with that book.

How to Prevent Political Parties from Doing Harm

In 2015, I wrote another book, again in French, and also unpublished because of rejection by traditional publishers, titled How to Prevent Political Parties from Doing Harm, as a continuation from the book mentioned above. It digs more in depth into the modifications needed in our political systems. In this book, I propose a system whereby political parties, although still allowed to exist as associations of individuals expressing various ideologies publicly, would have to play a different role. Again, not surprisingly, traditional publishers flatly rejected that book as wellas if I was touching a taboo. That book is about the harm inflicted by the very system of political parties illustrated by the damages inflicted for example the way candidates willing to run for office are selected. Even if there were to be cleared by independent medical experts, as per the propositions outlined in my book How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics — And of Others Medically Unfit, they could still be harmful for the country because, for example, of their ties to lobbies like the National Rifle Association (NRA), and their unwillingness to abide by the will of a majority of Americans in favor of prohibiting war type assault rifles.  

Throughout his political life, and until his death in 1799, George Washington was confident that America could and should function without the existence of political parties, and yet, political parties soon dominated people’s lives and until now.

In my book How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics — And of Others Medically Unfit, I outline the premise that political parties have a tendency to attract perverse individuals. For sure, people need to freely regroup in order to share and promote whatever they believe in. That is called freedom of association but, as per predictions from George Washington, things have turned ugly. Nuisances from parties originate either from the perverse nature of politicians, from lobbies, or from both. In terms of domestic policy as well as in terms of peace and security in the world, pains inflicted by political parties have been numerous.

Some realities observed around the world suggest that, with a different political system still based on the same fundamental human rights and on the principle of a free and democratic society, it would be possible to bring to empower altruistic and skilled persons, independent of any political party. Such an upheaval would generate huge benefits. It already happened to have independent personalities running states. For example, beside Vaclav Havel from Czechoslovakia, in the American state of Connecticut, governor Lowell Weicker was elected in 1990 as an independent. Although state representatives belonged to political parties, he still succeeded in getting them to vote in key areas like fiscal matters, education and health.

Some high profile politicians have made bold propositions. French ex-Prime Minister Lionel Jospin launched the idea of citizen sponsorship. In the Czech Republic, Karel Janeček, an anti-corruption activist, has tested a new electoral system whereby voters would choose candidates based on their own qualities and not for a party, and would vote undesirable persons out of the electoral process. European and North American institutions, UNICEF and researchers from Cambridge University in UK have shown interest. Those propositions are useful, but by themselves alone, they will not prevent political parties from inflicting harm. For example, Portugal already allows citizen sponsorship, but parties keep inflicting harm. In 2011, José Socrates, from a party, reached the position of Prime Minister of Portugal. In 2014, he was arrested and jailed for tax fraud and corruption. In Italy, Beppe Grillo was the leader of the so-called Five Star Movement. He has been criticized as being very harsh with those elected under his own party. More recently,  in the United-States, damages inflicted by the GOP under the rule of Donald Trump have been observed by Americans as well as by the entire world. This book offers a remedy for preventing political parties from inflicting harm.

My book entitled How to Get Rid of Psychopaths in Politics — And Others Medically Unfit  to be soon on the market in English, and later to be translated into French, addresses one urgent aspect of the many problems the people are facing with current political systems, illustrated recently with the erratic behaviors of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We still need to go further. That is the purpose of those two new books to be self-published.

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