Dr. Jacques Chaoulli,
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As a medical doctor in Canada, I saw patients suffering and dying on waiting lists imposed by the government because they were prohibited, like in North Korea, from buying private health insurance to cover core medical services. I felt a duty to act. In 1997, at my own expense, I sued the government. I developed my own legal theory, looking at reversing previous judgments in similar matters. Professors of law opposed my legal arguments, so I educated myself in law and political sciences and represented myself before the courts. In 2005, against the Intelligentsia’s forecasts, I won a landmark ruling (« Chaoulli decision ») at the Canadian Supreme Court. That ruling has been reported by the media worldwide, and in particular by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In 2006, it led the Governor of California to veto a bill passed earlier to prohibit private health insurance, it led the Governor of Massachusetts to implement a universal healthcare system based on private health insurance, and in 2009, it led President Obama to renounce to his initial plan of setting up a single payer system with prohibition of private health insurance (« Obamacare »). And yet the Canadian government didn’t abide by the ruling. I wanted to understand why such a denial of the rule of law could occur in a country deemed to be free and democratic. Beyond the issue of healthcare, I had been outraged watching, in so many countries holding free elections, the mess in politics. For that reason I studied political systems in more depth and I decided to write a book on how to get rid of psychopaths in politics—and of others medically unfit, first targeting the United-States. 

Cartoon showing a man labeled "Medicare," on a stretcher. An animal has the man's head in its mouth. The attendant at the front of the stretcher says "flesh wound,," while the attendant at the back of the stretcher says "Goner."
Cartoon from Friday, June 10, 2005 issue of The Globe and Mail.

Since 2016, the erratic behaviors of President Trump became obvious and led to the assault on the Capitol in 2021. President’s Biden episodes of confusion, losses of memory and misstatements have become more apparent and worrisome. In 2019, before the presidential election, the personal doctor of Barack Obama declared that Biden should make public the results of a brain’s MRI or CT Angiogram for detection of possible brain damage from previous silent strokes.

Cartoon showing the supreme court looking at a statue of Tommy Douglas (Dr. Chaoulli has written in "father of Canadian medicine") that has been cut off at the knees. They say "take two aspirin and call me in the morning."
Cartoon from Saturday, June 11, 2005 issue of The Globe and Mail.

Some politicians are affected by the negative effects of a mental or a physical illness not detected by independent medical experts. For politicians willing to run for office and for politicians holding power, no country has a system of compulsory and binding medical examination by independent medical experts. After the riot on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, a survey showed that 58% of Americans (92 million voters) were looking for Trump to be banned from running for public office. With the recent events involving Trump, Bolsonaro, Biden and other politicians, it has become an urgent matter. Leaders medically unfit for office can be found under any regime, whether authoritarian or holding free elections. The 2021 military coup in Myanmar, with its civilian casualties, reminded us how risky, although vital it is for people to stand up against an authoritarian regime. To the contrary, in countries holding free elections, voters may peacefully require from their elected representatives  specific policies  to be implemented, and yet no request to modify the system has been made as to prevent psychopathic or other medically unfit persons from running for office and for removing them from office. Voters are faced with a situation where the political system allows a psychopathic or other medically unfit person to run for office, or to stay in power. Those politicians might pose a danger to citizen’s personal safety, like the mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic by Trump and Bolsonaro, or a danger to the national security, like Trump’s incitement to insurrection at the Capitol, or a wrongful decision to launch a war, like the illegal invasion of Iraq ordered by Bush in 2003.

In the past and until now, several US presidents have been medically unfit for public office. Thanks to the way the US Constitution has been drafted, they have been able to hide their inability from the public, to enter politics and to stay in power. Their inabilities have usually been known after they have left office. President Trump’s erratic behavior became obvious to the entire world before and during his mandate, and yet, there was no way to prevent him from running for office in 2016, to remove him from office during his mandate, or to prevent him from running for office again in 2024.

In the US and elsewhere, the framers of the Constitution framed the documents to exempt politicians from any compulsory examination by independent medical experts and to prevent the people from directly amending the Constitution and making it compulsory and binding. For the US, that has been in violation of the 1776 Declaration of Independence, and for France it has been in violation of the 1789 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Also, in most countries with the exception of Switzerland and few others, the Constitution prohibits voters from initiating laws or from modifying their constitutions. In the U.S., that prohibition applies at the federal level. The rationale for such a prohibition is that most politicians and elites value themselves above the level of those who don’t belong to their club. They are driven by vanity which is a state of mind incompatible with equality. The democratic deficit and the absence of constraints on politicians medically unfit for public office carry a lot of negative effects in political issues at both domestic and international levels. For example, for ages, assault rifles used by civilians have caused many losses of innocent lives. Politicians preferred to please the National Rifle Association’s interests rather than save lives. It is another example where direct democracy at the federal level is much needed to put an end to those tragedies. A vast majority are in favor of gun control. For having successfully pleaded about human rights before the highest court in the land, I can affirm that no constitutional right is absolute. The constitutional right to bear guns might be limited for achieving a legitimate social goal.

The reason voters have not yet made such a request is because they wouldn’t know what exactly to request from their elected representatives to get it done. In my book I detail precisely what to request from them. I would be happy to provide the public, on a voluntary basis, with my expertise in medicine, law and political science for regrouping voters, beyond partisanship, in every country holding free elections, to get rid of politicians medically unfit for public office, either due to a mental illness like psychopathy or due to a physical illness. For people around the world, it would be an historical and extraordinary breakthrough.

Beyond this book, I will publish other writings for how to provide people with more power in the process of political decision making, both on domestic issues as well as on foreign policy issues. With your support, we could set up an International Movement with two goals : to get rid of psychopaths and other medically unfit individuals in politics, and also to provide voters with more power on policy issues. 

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